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SEE YOU IN 2025!


CDP DAY 2024

In April we'll explore brand new topics and present interesting real world cases.

We will explore:

■ How to be a front runner in a the ever-changing CX landscape
■ How to improve operational efficiency by streamlining processes and workflows
■ Best practices from cases that insures a successful CDP venture
■ The possibilities, structure and true business value of a CDP System



Lisa Sarén | Global Loyalty Manager | AJ Products

Lisa has a solid background in analysis, data and marketing technology. Her expertise is within Customer Loyalty work and she has a passion about data and bringing the numbers alive. Since 1,5 year she works as a senior consultant at Miltton Sweden helping customers increasing the value of their customer database with the right martech tools and good loyalty strategies. Previously she has been heading the customer analytics team and put personalization on the map for SAS, and also worked with CRM, predictive models and marketing automation at Coop.

Victor Forsell | Martech Manager | Adlibris

Victor is passionate about growth and maturity in application and value realization of customer data for business and consumer needs, making the most of  capabilities to achieve excellence in the area of activation. Currently works as a Martech Specialist at Adlibris, responsible for enabling and identifying opportunities for joint efforts between tech and business teams to achieve growth, development and excellence in activation and customer interaction. Also responsible for CDP (Bloomreach)  technical areas, and exploring CDP capabilities for developing customer interaction

Peter Solnicka
Senior Solutions Consultant | Bloomreach

Peter has 9+ years experience in technical and solution architecture, data analytics and business consulting.
Peter specializes in developing and delivering customer-centric and data-driven marketing strategies. Together with Bloomreach, Peter has supported a variety of enterprises to deliver consistent personalized customer experiences across omni-channel landscape.

Cameron Steer
Enterprise Account Executive, Nordics & Benelux | Twilio Segment

Cameron has 8+ years experience within software and data related organisations and is passionate in helping businesses make data driven decisions to deliver unified, personalised customer experiences.

Steven Volders
Global GTM Director - Customer Data, Insights & Activation | Vaimo

Mats Gustafsson Waxler
Founder | Wednesday Relations

Mats founded Wednesday Relations 2002 and have extended experience in marketing, sales, digital business and CRM. 
Mats has worked in line-positions within marketing and sales in Sweden and worldwide. Together with Wednesday Relations, Mats has created a lot of conferences and seminars, and is also a very popular and well-experienced moderator. 


08.30 - 09.00
Klara Konferens

Startup coffee & tea at the venue

09.00 - 09.10

Welcome to CDP DAY

We start of with a short introduction of the team and agenda.

09.10 - 09.40

Expert: How to prepare for personalization at scale

Discover how the digital commerce landscape is revolutionising & how you can prepare for building personalised customer experiences at scale across the whole customer journey. 

Main topics discussed:

  • The Winner's Manual: How to prepare and Succeed for Personalization at Scale
  • Synergy of tech: the ecosystem required for personalisation at scale
  • CDP as a key enabling technology

Speaker: Steven Volders | Global GTM Director - Customer Data, Insights & Activation | Vaimo

09.40 - 10.10

Expert: Capturing and Consolidating Data

Get insight about the rising role of data and how to supercharge growth through improved customer retention and more.

Speaker: Cameron Steer | Enterprise Account Executive, Nordics & Benelux | Twilio Segment

10.10 - 10.40

Time for some refreshments! 

Join us for some coffee, tea and sandwishes in the lounge.

10.40 - 11.10

Case: AJ Product's Journey to Customer-Centric Success Across Sales, Marketing, and IT

Hear the story about how the implementation of Tealium helped AJ Produkter in their journey in becoming more customer centric and started a new collaboration between sales, marketing and IT.

Speaker: Lisa Sarén | Global Loyalty Manager | AJ Products

11.10 - 11.40

Case: Best Practices & Recommendations: Experiences from Adlibris implementation and operations

Explore Adlibris' best practices and insights to uncover their intelligent strategies, operational tactics, and key lessons learned.

Speakers: Victor Forsell | Martech Manager | Adlibris & Peter Solnicka | Senior Solutions Consultant | Bloomreach

11.40 - 12.00

Q&A with the speakers and summary